Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Update

Here is an update of this past weekend. As usual, it was plenty busy but also very blessed.

On Friday, our family went "restaurant shopping". It was the first time we had ever done something like that and although it took awhile, I actually had fun. We were hunting for a nice, but not too pricey restaurant in downtown Cuiaba for the annual couples outing. The couples from our church go out on every (Brazilian) Valentine's Day - they spend the evening talking, fellow-shipping, eating, and of course taking pictures. After checking out probably 8 or 10 places, Mom felt that we had enough options and she presented the findings to the couples last night.

Saturday was a typical Saturday around here. Lots of baking and cleaning was accomplished :-)

During last night's service, a husband and wife came forward because they wanted to make their lives right with God. Their two teenaged daughters also came forward to get saved. Please pray for this family; their names are: Marcio, Sandra, Julia and Maria Luiza.
Last night after church, we also celebrated the May birthdays. Each lady brings a cake or some "salty" cake/pastry and we have a little party.

Here are the birthday people, and a few extra who wanted to be in the picture :-)

And, guess what is the biggest source of excitement for Brazilians right now??? If you guessed "World Cup", you got it right! Brazil plays its first game in two weeks and the "patriotic" spirit is rising high.

(Green and Yellow streamers decorate the streets)

That's all for now folks! Hope you have a blessed week!

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