Monday, May 24, 2010

The Chair

Meet my favorite chair. This is a Brazilian-style rocking chair. It's design makes it cool even on a hot day. It is shaped from iron bars and wrapped in a plastic tubing, which makes it very comfortable. This is where I like to have my devotions in the morning. The problem is that every other member of my family has the same idea, and since we only have two of these chairs, we often "fight" over them.:-) Not really. They are the popular spot here; from their location we can sit out on the porch and look over our yard and the street, not to mention the neighbors' yards. :-) It can be really easy to be nosey here in our suburb. I had a friend who once said that she always knew she was in Brazil when she could smell what the neighbors were cooking for dinner and know what TV channel they were watching!

This chair is where I have sat and held little Joshua these past days. Watching the colorful sunsets here is another favorite daily thing to do.
I know my days at home will fly by, so I am trying to enjoy every moment of every day!


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The Lockhart Family said...

So that's what you do? Sit and spy on the Lockharts! :)