Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleaning Mess and Losing Chess

Today was a busy day in the Duarte household. We gave the house a thorough cleaning (similar to an American spring cleaning). Because of the make-up of the houses here, our cleaning involves a LOT of soapy water and scrubbing. Our light-colored tile floors, for example, were scrubbed with bleach water today. I had greatly missed REAL cleaning while I was in the States.

After the house was all clean, we rested for awhile and I made the promised treat - a chocolate-chip, butterscotch chip and craisin cookie, made of course, with ingredients brought from the U.S. They were awesome!

Below are the pictures of the day. Jed taught me to play chess awhile back and it was always my goal to beat him one day. I fear I shall never accomplish that! We revived our old habit of playing a game at night right before bed-time and I have lost every time, much like the days before college. Arggh. He of course, loves every minute of it and tries to flatter me by saying that I am improving. Oh well, I really do enjoy myself playing chess with him and have no intention of quitting now. I always tell myself, "Maybe one day"!
Do YOU play chess? Do you win more or lose more? :-)

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Jessica Duarte Lima said...

The cookies were awesome! Love you...