Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Picture-less Post

Good evening from noisy Pedra Noventa:-)
Wednesday was a long day so chose to go to bed a little more on time instead of blogging. We had company for supper and they stayed for church at night. We had lots of fun with them as well as getting ready for them to come. I'm afraid the fellowship was so good that I forgot to get any pictures.
Another major and very exciting highlight is that our family CD's (in portuguese) finally arrived! After long months of recording and waiting, it is so rewarding to have the finished product. We pray that the LORD would use it to bless many here in Brazil.

Today was a fun day!
After the Lockharts' morning language lessons, my parents and they went into town to take care of some business and do our monthly grocery shopping. Jana, Jed and I got to watch their kids and we had a very good time. I think both the adults and all us kids are wore out tonight, but I think that will make us all sleep well! We have prayer at 5 tomorrow morning so yours truly is finishing this post so I can get to sleep. :-)
~ Jenifer

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