Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today was a lovely, busy day. Each day feels more and more like "home".
We are still doing lots of catching up and year-book flippin' :-)

In the morning Mom and Dad went into town to do some errands then in the afternoon we all went out to the chacara to feed the dogs and horses. Mom and Dad could not wait to introduce us to their two new dogs, Mel and Valente. I was not looking too forward to it since I already knew that Mel was a full-bred pit-bull (a breed I loathe) and Valente is so hyper that he jumps on you non-stop. They turned out being not so bad; they are actually sweet dogs that act love deprived as you will see in the picture. :-)

It was just so pretty out there and I could not choose between the many pictures we took, so I am posting several. We waited until sunset and when the mosquitoes got too bad, we left to attend a service in a sister church across town. We had a really good meeting there; we kids sang "Do You Know My Jesus?" and Dad preached. Dad helped in the birth of that congregation so it was neat to see how it is growing.

The horses grazing

My pretty sis, Jana

SISTERS! - It's so fun to be back together again! (oh and don't forget Josh!)

Mel decided to interrupt the portrait session

I had missed the attractive mango trees!

The service in Quinze de Maio tonight

Well, now this gal is retiring for the night. Tomorrow is another busy day. Jana and I will be helping in the kitchen at the annual Ladies' Retreat at Bible Camp on Friday and Saturday so I will not be able to post. I look forward to sharing about it on Sunday, though so keep 'posted'! :-)
May God Bless you,

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