Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday's Post

On our first Monday here, we woke up early and headed to a large construction and home improvement store here in Cuiaba called Todimo.
Through a friendship with one of their workers, Dad has been called twice to bring a brief message at their weekly devotional. This time all of us kids were able to go and we got to sing. What an amazing opportunity it has been to be witnesses and seek to show these people life with joy in Christ!
They have about 80 employees in this department and probably 60 were present that morning. It was interesting to see their neat unity and get a glimpse of their professional world. We brought Bibles to be given to some of them who did not receive one the first time Dad spoke there. Daddy preached on conquering the giants in our lives, (whether in our personal, social or business lives) based on the Biblical account of David and Goliath.
We were really excited about this opportunity to minister and pray that the Lord will use the Word that was sown to work in the lives of many.

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