Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long Time No See

Here is a long update after a long time of silence!
Life has been so much fun lately that I forget to take the time to post :-)
I have been having a wonderful time. What follows is a brief highlight of the past few days along with pictures.

*Our new CD is here!*

*Jed's new method of transporting Josh - in a wheelbarrow*

*Lots of auntie time!*

Last Thursday we had a holiday, so we took advantage of it and spent the day with some of the church folk at our chacara. As always, it was lots of fun and we left refreshed, encouraged and just a little bit sore from all the sports!

*Mom cooked us some good food*

*Holding an afternoon service*

*Fellowship time*


On Friday night, we went to a plant/flower fair with the Lockharts. It was a fun night. We topped it off by eating at another fair. We always enjoy being with their precious kiddos!

*Jana, Allie, Bethany, and Jenifer*

*Mom and Esther flower shopping*

That's all for now. I hope to get a post of this week up soon, so keep posted!

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