Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I've been up to...

When I came home this summer, I prayed that the Lord would use me and help to be a blessing, to serve others(primarily my family) with a joyful heart and attitude. Well, it's never and easy road - that of servant-hood (just ask my family!)- but I can say that God has been teaching me so much about dying to self daily. The more I dig into His Word and focus on His will for me on a simple day-to-day basis, the less I struggle with my own will. A huge blessing for me lately has been my daily readings of My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. I always am challenged when I read it! Another favorite devotional book of mine is Like Christ by Andrew Murray, and although I have not started reading that one yet, I am looking forward to beginning soon.

After reading a very encouraging post this morning, I decided I too, would count my blessings and praise God for what He is teaching me and doing in my life.

  • First off, I thank God for my dear family. I have learned so much from them and from being with them in a mere month. I had so missed our times of talking, singing or playing sports together. I praise the Lord for parents who instilled in us the fear of God. I praise Him for allowing us to have been born in Brazil and giving me the privilege of being an MK. Raised on the mission field, I have the opportunity to learn and focus on developing an even more Biblical Worldview. Hey folks, God's Word applies to ANY culture and generation!
  • My second praise is for the gift of friendship. Although my family also falls in this category primarily and beautifully (My siblings are the best friends ever - they know all my faults and they still love me!); God has also given me some amazing friendships that never cease to be a source of encouragement. I thank Him for friends that rebuke and challenge me; I thank Him for new friends as well as the old ones. I thank Him for YOU!
  • Lately, God has been trying to teach me so much about giving - giving my love, my time, my hands, my smiles, my skills, my hugs - you name it! Anything and everything for the sake of others. God has placed some very giving people in my life and of course, HE is the ultimate Giver himself (John 3:16), so why should I not in return, desire to give as He has?
Here are just a few things I have trying my hand at this summer...

  • Personal make-up artist :-) Helping two special ladies in my life get ready for a night out with their hubbies.

  • Music Lessons - Teaching is such a good opportunity to live for eternity!
  • Cooking and plans for Fourth of July has been the buzz around out house lately. This is the dessert we want to make... Doesn't that look good?

Hope you all are having a blessed day, week, summer and year! Don't forget to count your blessings!

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Jessica Duarte Lima said...

Thanks once again for doing my hair and makeup and for babysitting Josh! You have been a blessing to me, and I am so sorry to see the summer is almost over :( I will miss you soooooo very much! I love you, sis!